Grow Groups

Get Connected and Grow

Grow Groups meet weekly in a classroom at Oakbrook for six to eight weeks of intentional topical study. Various Grow Groups are available for men, women, theological study, and as preparation for Oakbrook membership. The focus of Grow Groups is on equipping individuals for kingdom living.


Life is full of questions — some basic, some mind-boggling.  Whether you are new to the faith, coming back to church, or simply curious, you’ll appreciate the safe environment where you can explore real faith, ask tough questions and meet new people.  Discussing foundational truths of life in Christ provides you the opportunity to grow, wherever you are in your faith journey. 

Check back for a new Discovery group beginning in the Fall '17.


Always encouraging and lovingly challenging studies that guide women into a deeper relationship with Christ so they can be the wives, moms, sisters, and friends that they were meant to be. 

Check back for a new Brave group beginning in the Spring '18.


Trying to live as a Christian in today’s world is hard. Using books and studies from world renown Pastors and Christian authors, we look at ways to grow in our faith in our everyday lives.

Check back for a new Power Surge group beginning in the Fall '17.


Topical and relevant studies that are focused on helping men live out their faith in all facets of their lives — whether that’s at work, with the family, or hanging with the guys. A band of brothers walking side-by-side and sharpening each other like iron.

Check back for a new Iron Men group beginning in the Fall '17.