What about Giving?

The ministry of Oakbrook Church is 100% funded by God's provision through the individual giving of faithful members and attenders. At Oakbrook, we seek to honor God by handling His provision through the wise stewardship of our finances, through the ethical and just treatment of staff and partners, and the full and transparent accounting of our operations. Our goal is that the financial integrity of the church remains beyond reproach.

In the Bible, giving is described as something that is prayerful, intentional, regular, consistent, and sometimes even extraordinary. At Oakbrook, we believe that giving is part of the way we worship God and that it is part of the journey for all who seek to follow Jesus. 

As such, we graciously accept the giving of attenders at each of our gatherings and we encourage the use of electronic giving that allows for the secure, regular processing of donations via bank-to-bank transfers. 

You can use this online form to set up and make electronic contributions to Oakbrook Church.